If you are trying to start a new company, then it’s vital that people recognize your brand. Therefore, you must constantly get your brand out in front of new people. Here are some tips to help you make your brand more visible to your target audience.

Use Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Ecommerce Platforms defines guerrilla marketing as unconventional marketing methods with a low-cost and high-impact. When using this tactic, you need to think of ways to surprise potential customers in a way that will delight them. One example is Henson Ford, who gives away a used car and pays all the expenses of having it delivered to some lucky person each month.

Another example is Build-A-Bear Workshop, who once let customers pay their age to create a stuffed toy in their stores. That said, companies need to anticipate demand when running promotions. In the case of Build-A-Bear’s  “pay your age” promotion, customers stood in line for hours only to discover that the store did not have enough supplies on hand.

Set Up a Display

According to Wasatch Container, placing a display with your product and brand in a retail environment will allow you to see how it stacks up against the competition. Before you go to a national retailer, find smaller boutique retailers who you can convince to carry your product. Make sure that you have it priced so that they can at least double your price before selling it to their customers.

Develop a sales brochure that tells them all about your product. Then, take one of your products or at least a very good photo and go visit the boutique location in person. Once you get your product in front of the boutique owner, give them a one-minute sales pitch on why they should carry your product. This technique gives you the opportunity to display your product and brand in front of more customers—allowing you to work out any kinks in the system before approaching national distributors.

Get Your Product Included in a Subscription Box

While you can set up your own subscription box plan, getting included in someone else’s plan can pay huge dividends. This is because your products get into the hands of people who are in your targeted group. After all, they are paying a price to receive the box each month. This often allows you to showcase your product in front of customers who will identify with your brand.

Subscription boxes also partner well with influencer marketers, which can really pay off. In fact, influencer marketing provides 11 times higher ROI than traditional marketing efforts, according to TapInfluence. If these customers are pleased with the quality of your merchandise, they will likely come looking for your company the next time they need something.

From guerrilla marketing tactics to subscription boxes, there are many ways that you can build your brand. Take steps today to get your brand out into the world so that you can bring more customers into your business.

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